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Let’s take Canada to new heights

Throughout my life I have served my country.

As Canada’s first astronaut, as a Captain in Canada’s Navy, as President of the Canadian Space Agency, and as the Member of Parliament for Westmount-Ville Marie, I am extremely proud of the contribution I have made and continue to make to Canada.

Marc Garneau speaking with CanadiansI believe in commitment, in excellence, in education, and in my country. I ran for elected office because I saw the Conservative government changing Canada for the worse. Since being elected in 2008, I’ve seen the country that has given me so many wonderful opportunities being whittled away. We have a government that sacrifices scientific evidence to ideology; a government that doesn’t believe in innovation or in our ability to create a knowledge economy.

We can — and must — do better.

As Liberals, we have a vision of Canada where all Canadians have the opportunity to realize their full potential. We believe in the energy of the private sector and the balance of the public sector. We believe in complementing fiscal discipline with progressive social policy; in the protection of the environment; and using science in formulating policy. THAT is what the Liberal Party of Canada believes in.

Marc Garneau speaking with CanadiansBut that does not mean we can stay the same. We must embrace change.

We must be open to everyone. We must build on our past, not live in it. We must stop looking for easy, quick fix solutions. Only when we act in the national interest, will we regain the trust of Canadians.

To that end, our number one priority must be the economy. Because how we propose to deal with the economy will be crucial, not only to our fortunes, but our country’s. If the Liberal Party is to again become the choice for Canadians, it will be because we are acting on their single most important issue of concern: the economy.

Canada is too diverse, too dynamic, too smart to simply be the sum of our natural resources. As leader, I will place a relentless focus on the development of a balanced, creative, knowledge-based economy. We must drive investment into start-ups; create real job opportunities for our youth; and streamline our tax system by cutting taxes for everyone instead of just the favored few. We must restore Canada to a competitive, respected position globally.

Marc GarneauTogether, we can meet the challenge.

We can be a strong voice for all Canadians.

Join me and together we can take Canada to new heights.